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Respiratory diseases are second only to musculoskeletal problems in limiting a horse's ability to perform.  Improving a horse's pulmonary function by removing airway obstructions reduces the work of breathing and improves oxygenation, two major factors in allowing the equine athlete to realize its full potential.

The CENTURION TRANSPIRATOR II has now been introduced into the marketplace and is an advanced drugless therapy program, which has demonstrated improvement in cases where obstructive respiratory conditions or airway water loss contributed to decreased performance levels.

The upper airway warms and humidifies inspired air and thus maintains hydration of the mucous blanket.  Inadequate humidification of inspired gases in the upper airways can lead to an adverse chain of events in the lower airways such as impairment of ciliary activity and mucous movement, thick tenacious secretions, bacteria infiltration and pneumonia.   These diseases interrupt the water balance and require supportive measures to prevent airway water loss.

The objective of high humidity therapy with the CENTURION TRANSPIRATOR II is to promote mucous clearance by preventing airway water loss with particle-free water vapour.  The CENTURION TRANSPIRATOR II delivers water vapour, at a precisely controlled temperature, into the entire respiratory tract.  It does not provide little water droplets as a nebulizer does, which can only reach the upper respiratory areas, but air saturated to 100% humidity which penetrates into the deepest and smallest airways.  Over 300 litres per minute of soothing water vapour is delivered for therapeutic benefit to the horse.  This prevents thickening of mucous due to evaporative water loss and allows new mucous to dissolve obstructions composed of old mucous, other secretions and foreign matter.  Once mobilized these obstructions are removed by coughing and normal cilia seeping action.  A healthy well-hydrated respiratory tract is the first line of defence against respiratory agents.

In the U.K. and Ireland, the CENTURION TRANSPIATOR II is now available on short term 3 MONTH RENTALS - - because the better they breathe, the better they perform.  For more information and details on this exciting new product please contact:

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