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Equine Respiratory System Therapy  - The New Centurion Transpirator II.
The Centurion Transpirator II has demonstrated improvement in cases where obstructive respiratory conditions or airway water loss contributed to decreased performance levels. By working with the mucous blanket in the lungs, the Centurion Transpirator II helps to expel the excess mucous and in most cases, any bacteria living there. Common respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, viruses and colds, may be shortened with the use of Transpirator II Therapy, allowing many horses to get back to regular training and racing faster. The general health of horses that are exposed to dust, allergens and air pollutants may be helped with the Transpirator II.

Deep, Powerful Therapy:
The Transpirator II delivers pure water vapour, at a precisely controlled temperature, into the entire respiratory tract. It does not provide little water droplets, as a nebulizer does, which can only reach the upper respiratory areas, but air, saturated to 100% humidity, which penetrates into the deepest and smallest airways. Over 300 litres per minute of soothing water vapour is delivered for therapeutic benefits for your horse. A healthy, well-hydrated respiratory tract is the first line of defence against respiratory agents.

Pictured - the Transpirator II
Uses of the Centurion Transpirator II:
- Respiratory conditioning of healthy horses.
- Promoting mucous clearance and reducing resistance to air movement in the bronchioles and other passages in the lungs.
- To help with Bleeders

The Transpirator II is designed for use with all breeds of horses, from foals to adults. The air output is saturated to 100% relative humidity at 105oF + or - 3oF. The flow rate is also fixed, exceeding the peak inhalation flow rate of the largest, resting horse. In other words, the water vapour concentration and temperature of inspired air are always the same, regardless of the horse’s size.

An open Muzzle Mask administers the heated and humidified air in such a way that the air velocity and flow noise will not disturb the horse, and the horse can breathe comfortably and safely in the event of flow interruption, e.g. power failure.

During treatment, the upper airways do not have to supply heat to warm inhaled air or water vapour to humidify it because the air delivered to the horse is already warmed and humidified slightly above normal body conditions. This prevents airway heat and water loss and deposits a thin film of condensation on the walls of the respiratory tract. Retained and condensed water thins the mucous blanket, dissolves mucous plugs and promotes mucociliary clearance.

The Transpirator II cannot be used to administer drugs because it adds only water vapour to the delivered air. Your veterinarian may recommend Transpirator II treatment. It is not a cure for disease or infection problems and is not intended to replace drug or antibiotic therapies. Its only functions are to help clear secretions and to help hydrate the airways.

The Transpirator II system is not a nebulizer. Nebulizers deliver aerosol particles of water or medication, whereas the Transpirator II system delivers only vapour (gas) phase water. Aerosol particles cannot penetrate into the small bronchioles of the lung and cannot humidify inhalation until they evaporate. This requires energy from the horse. Hence, a nebulizer will tend to cool the airways rather than warm them as the Transpirator II system does.

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