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The Centurion Mini Pulse
A battery operated portable boot that can be attached to the horses leg.  Three frequency settings of 2hz, 15hz and 30hz.  Suitable for treating knees, fetlocks and hocks.  

The Mini Pulse comes with a battery charger and a 1 year warranty.  Also included is a small test magnet to test the functions of the unit and full instructions. 

The Mini Pulse has a recharge LED - to notify the user that the batteries need charged.   A fully charged Mini Pulse with provide 6-10 hours of treatment.  A full recharge of the batteries will take 8 hours. 

The unit also houses a 30 minute timer that notifies the end of treatment with a buzzer sound.  The unit has two large Velcro straps to allow the unit to be wrapped around the leg.  

Settings on the Mini Pulse:
1. Low - 2 Hz. - Pain & Inflammation
2. Medium - 15 Hz. - Stimulation
3. High - 30 Hz. - Increase Circulation

Technical Data
Frequency -2,15,30 Hz.  Timer -30 Minutes 
Weight -5 lb. / 2.25 Kg   Boxed weight -6 lb. / 2.72 Kg 
Unit Dimensions 13" x 6" x 4" / 33 x 15 x 10 cm.

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