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Magnetic Pulse Therapy
Magnetic Pulse Therapy is a relatively new and very effective form of physical therapy.  It is not a miracle, but simply a physical / biophysical modality used to accelerate therapeutic purposes.

From clinical experiments, we know that Magnetic Pulse Therapy can reduce pain sensations almost immediately. 

Magnetic Pulse Therapy permeates all cells, enhances ion exchange, normalizes circulation and increases the oxygen utilization of the cell.  

By influencing the body with a magnetic field, packed in impulse bundles, the cellular functions can be improved.  

Magnet Pulse Therapy will reduce pain, reduce inflammation, stimulate,  increase circulation and help with rehabilitation.  

On what type of injuries/problems can Magnetic Pulse Therapy be used?
1.  Arthritic joints - Orthopedic conditions - Fractures.
2.  Open wounds and circulatory problems.
3.  Soft tissue problems - sore back, muscle tightness, body soreness.
4.  Chronic pain - Acute inflammation.
5.  Hip dysplaysia and general debility.

Centurion Systems make a range of products.  They include:
1. Mini Pulse
A battery operated portable boot that can be attached to the horses leg.  Three frequency settings of 2, 15 and 30hz.  Suitable for treating knees, fetlocks and hocks.
2. Therapulse IV
A battery operated portable blanket that houses 10 coils that cover the body of the horse.  Three frequency settings of 2, 15 and 30hz.  Suitable for treating withers, stifles, shoulders and back.
3. 9PH
A mains powered unit supplied with 2 leg wraps and the 9PH generator.  Three settings for frequency and three setting for intensity.  The unit has a 30 minute timer and optional hock boots and hoof pad.
4. 4PH
A mains powered unit supplied with a body blanket, 4 leg wraps, connectors and carry case.  10 Frequency settings and 10 intensity settings and an adjustable timer from 1 to 99 minutes.  Optional hock boots and hoof pad.

Optional extras:
Hock boot - similar to the leg wraps - but made to fit the hock.
Hoof pad - a 18" x 24" pad that the horse can stand on for treatment.  The hoof pad gives a strong magnetic pulse and is suitable for treatment of ailments from the hoof to the knee.

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